Step by Step

Step by Step does not charge a recital fee or a registration fee.

Weekly 30 minute class: $9
Weekly 45 minute class: $11

Partial and Full Scholarships are available and based on financial need through the Step by Step Scholarship Fund.

If a child enrolls in two or more classes during the same session a 10% discount will be applied toward the 2nd class. Step by Step offers sibling discounts. A 10% discount will be applied. If additional time is needed for this payment, contact Step by Step and a payment plan can be arranged. All tuition needs to be placed in the Step by Step tuition box/envelope at your child's school.

Tuition is always due on the first day of the session by 9am at your child's school. Any fees received after that date/time will incur a $10 late fee.

Prospective students are encouraged to participate in a class free of charge. If your child enrolls you will be charged for the remainder of the session. If your child does not enroll, you are not charged any fees. If your child enrolls after the start of a session, prorated fees will apply.

Step by Step Step by Step does not charge monthly fees and will charge by the number of classes in a session.

Step by Step will not hold a dance recital. At the end of each semester, Step by Step will have an in-house performance/parent observation class. There are no recital fees.

All students must submit a Step by Step enrollment form and attach payment by the first class of a session. Once a child has enrolled they are committing to the remainder of the school year. If they decide to withdraw, notification must be submitted via email or in writing before the current session has ended. There are no refunds after the first week of the new session.